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In my current situation in life, I get to see supervision in different contexts. I also get to see if it it is executed well or not.

Often I’m disappointed by what I see. Today, I was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw at lunch. I had a layover that fell over the lunch rush at a busy airport. People were everywhere. There were long lines at every restaurant. I walked into this one place, and in spite of the waits and lines people were smiling. I soon found out why. The managers were all out of the back office at the counter cheering on the workers, taking completed orders to waiting customers, and bringing needed supplies to workers. It was not quite like anything I had ever seen. Then when the lunch rush subsided, the managers went table to table to see if customers needed anything.

There is a lot we can learn from this story that is useful for youth ministry:

1) You are NEVER above serving others.

You may be a pastor, a paid or unpaid youth worker, volunteer, it doesn’t really matter. In ministry we are called to serve others. PERIOD. Jesus served others, so should we. Where I grew up, an attitude that is “above serving others” was called “being too big for your britches”…

2) All of us are looking for a cheerleader or two.

I am pretty sure that you enjoy being encouraged and recognized for doing well. We all do. Part of being in ministry is seeking out those people in your congregation and spurring them to do good. Maybe it’s a volunteer in your youth ministry that could really use a nice word or note. Maybe its a parent that is struggling to do all they can to give their students a firm faith foundation. Cheer them on.

3) YOU are the one that has to make what you’re doing enjoyable.

The manager at the fast food joint was having a blast cheering on her teammates. It was great to watch someone have such a good time doing a job we so often take for granted. She was noticable because the joy was infectious throughout the building. Ministry workers should strive for this level of joy every week. I understand that we have tough days in ministry that drain you. Do not let it steal the joy of serving Christ.

We serve a God that chooses to use us to help further the building of the next generation of HIS kingdom! Let’s do this together!

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