Mission Forum

Every student pastor looks for new material, resources and sermon ideas. I wanted to pass an idea along that I attempted at our last student worship gathering. Whether you have a weekly worship gathering or you simply have a small group teaching time, this idea has the goal of helping your students see the need to be on mission both in their schools and in their neighborhoods.

In an effort to gather ideas to reach our campuses, we held a mission forum. High school students and middle students sat on opposite sides of the room and vocalized strategy to reaching their campuses and neighborhoods. I encourage you to have a time such as this with your student ministry.

  1. Invites students to think of their school as a mission field rather than a homework factory. Many teenagers want to see their school as more than a place destined to make them work on mundane assignments. Talking aloud about their school as a mission field will allow teenagers to see that they are first on mission and second a student in school.
  2. Great minds need other great minds. This generation of teenagers loves collaboration. The more ideas they hear the more ideas inspire them to do great things for the Kingdom of God.
  3. Shows students that they matter. When we seek to reach school campuses, that means that we seek to reach the students in our student ministry as well. The more they see that they matter to Jesus and to us, the more they will see other students matter.
  4. Reminds students that they have neighbors. I’m amazed at how many students know who their neighbors are, but have not had a conversation with them over dinner or something similar. Help your students see their neighborhoods as opportunities to be on mission!
  5. Helps parents see the value of family ministry. When parents see their children passionate for something, they often rejoice in that passion, especially if it lines up with the mission of God and their walk as followers of Christ.

I encourage you to keep engaging your students in fresh ways as you lead them to make disciples of Jesus.

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