Catch the Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18 reminds us that we need to look ahead. We look ahead in our personal lives and in ministry, or at least I hope we do. I want to help fellow student pastors understand the importance of vision in the life of the church and student ministry. Student pastors today interact with millennials and “Generation Z” quite frequently. Both of these generations grasp vision with great enthusiasm. The millennials want to set vision on its course and hire others to do the task to get there. This new generation are the doers of the vision that the millennials have. These are different ways of seeing the world, yet we must interact with both sides!

  1. Align your vision with the vision of the whole church. Be sure to meet with your lead pastor. He deserves to be informed and he may even be your biggest supporter as you cast vision to your students.
  2. Your vision must enter the factory, not the silo. When your vision aligns with the rest of the church, a great thing happens! The children’s ministry has the same vision as the student ministry. The adult ministry has the same vision as the student ministry and so on. In a silo ministry, everyone does their own thing and never consults the other. Push vision, don’t kill it!
  3. Sell the vision continuously. Much like a good marketing agent you must tell the church what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. Saying and showing passion for vision won’t work one time. Change occurs when people can reproduce the vision themselves. They can only do that when we cast vision continuously.
  4. Celebrate often! When a milestone within your vision is met, celebrate that milestone. When we celebrate well, our churches will be eager to see another milestone hit and thus another celebration.

As you’re on mission in your churches, leading students to follow Christ as you follow Christ, be mindful of the vision God has in store for your church. Once the pastor and staff are on board, launch the vision and follow Jesus with boldness as He accomplishes His vision for His Church through you.

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